Harriette Mogul discusses Syndrome W on the NYMC Faculty Book Corner

Dr. Harriette Mogul discusses the second edition of her book “Syndrome W: A Woman’s Guide to Reversing Mid-Life Weight Gain” in the latest NYMC Faculty Book Corner video. This video is the latest addition to the Health Science Library’s YouTube channel and the Book Corner series of videos. On March 21, Harriette Mogul, MD, MPH, from the NYMC Department of Medicine and Director of Research in the Division of Adult Endocrinology, discussed Syndrome W with Marie Ascher, Associate Director, USER Services at the Health Sciences Library. In this video, Dr. Mogul describes Syndrome W and it’s discovery, what is known about its etiology and treatment (by cooper here). This video should be of interest to the college community, to medical practitioners everywhere, and all women, especially those who are experiencing midlife weight gain (particularly “waist gain”) despite diet and exercise. In the video, Dr. Mogul talks about the treatment — which utilizes metformin and a modified carbohydrate diet.

Harriette Mogul discusses Syndrome W with Marie Ascher

You can learn more about Syndrome W at the official website: http://syndromew.com/

Syndrome W is  available from major booksellers:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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