New Trial: The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection is a collection of animated audio visual presentations with synchronized narration by world leading scientists. The collection is regularly updated and growing, with over 1,000 talks. New presentations are constantly becoming available. You may browse through the series or search for a talk covering a subject of interest.

Off-campus users click here to access the trial.

Enjoy this trial through June 30, 2011, but please let us know what you think of this product by leaving a comment, or by sending an email to or by filling out a score card

1 comment to New Trial: The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

  • Dana mordue

    I have previously used three of these lectures for the graduate course in general microbiology 2 and incorporated the lectures into the class. Furthermore, I have used many of the other lectures as background material for teaching other classes or areas my research students or myself need to know for our research. These lectures are an excellent resource by the to people on each respective field. Given the small size of NYMC and limited revenue for inviting expert speakers -this series is an invaluable resource

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