17th Annual Faculty Author Celebration

The seventeenth annual celebration of NYMC faculty authors, aka The Sherry, was held on January 25, 2011.  The event celebrates the scholarly works of 429 faculty who published 953 items during the 2009/2010 academic year.  The heart of the event is recognizing the contributions of faculty to the scientific body of knowledge.  Everyone is considered a “winner.” But special awards are given each year….with certificates accompanied by some sherry. Highlights include the following outstanding professors:

  • Anna  Csiszar, the faculty first author whose publication was cited the most times as of December, 2010;
  • Robert G. Lerner, the faculty author who, as a member of a team, authored the article cited the most times as of December, 2010;
  • Elizabeth Paietta, Janis Racevskis and Robert G. Lerner, the faculty members who published during FY2010 in the journal with the highest impact factor (NEJM 47.050)
  • Marietta Lee, faculty member who published in an open access journal with the highest impact factor (Nucleic Acids Res 7.479);
  • 10 faculty members published comprehensive texts including:  Drs. Alcena, Darzynkiewicz, Dlugacz HA, Duglacz YD, Garcia, Herrick, Klein, Mogul, Markenson/Reilly, Slipp, and Swartz.
  • Stephen Peterson and William Frishman for their support enabling the Library to accomplish its mission and vision;
  • Paul Woolf, in memorium, for his “unwavering commitment to orient and educate all residents to the resources of the Health Sciences Library;”
  • Academic departments honored for the highest percentage of published faculty during the year:
    1. Basic Sciences:  Physiology (86.90 %)
    2. Clinical department:  Neurosurgery (25%)
    3. School of Health Sciences and Practice:  Epidemiology and Community Health (20%)

The event is co-sponsored by the Dean and Provost, the Health Sciences Library, as well as support from the Thomson Reuters Institute for Scientific Information and Elsevier Science.  Their products are essential to identification of these awards.  Cheryl Silver creates and manages the faculty bibliography and database.

The current bibliography, more photos of the event as well as previous events are available at: http://library.nymc.edu/bibliog/ and http://library.nymc.edu/bibliog/2011/

No event is ever over, as next year’s compilation is already underway.  If you have recently published a scholarly work, please contact Cheryl Silver today (cheryl_silver@nymc.edu).

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