New Books at Health Sciences Library, May 2010

The following is a list of titles that the NYMC Health Sciences Library added to our collection from May 1- May 31 2010. If you have any question please contact Rie Smethurst at or call 914-594-3172.

Brief Title Call No Author
Multicultural psychoeducational assessment / BF176 G857m 2009
Visual memory / BF371 V834 2008
Origin of concepts / BF443 C276o 2009 Carey, Susan.
Oxford handbook of evolutionary psychology / BF698.5 O98 2007
Role of play in human development / BF717 P386r 2009 Pellegrini, Anthony D.
Junqueira’s basic histology : text and atlas / CD-ROM QS504 J95 2010
Delmar’s manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests : organized by type of test / CD-ROM QY25 D186d 2010 Daniels, Rick, RN.
Joint Commission survey coordinator’s handbook / CD-ROM WX40 P379j 2008 Pejakovich, Patricia.
Running group visits in your practice / DVD-ROM WB100 N773r 2009 Noffsinger, Edward B. (Edward Brallier), 1943-
Statistical models and causal inference : a dialogue with the social sciences / HA29 F911s 2010 Freedman, David, 1938-2008.
High-impact middle manager : powerful strategies to thrive in the middle / HD38.2 H237h 2010 Haneberg, Lisa.
Practice of adaptive leadership : tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world / HD57.7 H465p 2009 Heifetz, Ronald A. (Ronald Abadian), 1951-
Theory U : leading from the futures as it emerges : the social technology of presencing / HM831 S311t 2009 Scharmer, Claus Otto, 1961-
Thicker than water : essays by adult siblings of people with disabilities / HV1568 T428 2009
Becoming evil : how ordinary people commit genocide and mass killing / HV6322.7 W198b 2007 Waller, James, 1961-
Driven to kill : vehicles as weapons / HV6493 R845d 2008 Rothe, John Peter, 1948-
Legal liabilities in safety and loss prevention : a practical guide / KF3570 S358L 2011 Schneid, Thomas D.
God in the courtroom : religion’s role at trial / KF8700 B736g 2009 Bornstein, Brian H.
Language and literacy development : what educators need to know / LB1576 B995L 2009 Byrnes, James P.
Assessment of competencies in educational contexts / LC1034 A846 2008
Linguistics for non-linguists : a primer with exercises / P121 P239L 2010 Parker, Frank, 1946-
William Cullen Bryant : author of America / PS1181 M958w 2008 Muller, Gilbert H., 1941-
Mentoring and diversity : tips for students and professionals for developing and maintaining a diverse scientific community / Q147 L254m 2009 Landefeld, Thomas.
Communicating science : professional, popular, literary / Q223 R695c 2010 Russell, Nicholas J.
Matter & interactions / QC23.2 C426m 2011 Chabay, Ruth W.
Spectrum management for science in the 21st century / QC676.4 S741 2010
Advances in macromolecules : perspectives and applications / QD381 A244 2010
FLIM microscopy in biology and medicine / QH212 F55 F621 2010
Evolution : the extended synthesis / QH366.2 E923 2010
Essential clinical anatomy / QS39 M822e 2011 Moore, Keith L.
Junqueira’s basic histology : text and atlas / QS504 J95 2010
Total human : the complete strength training system / QT255 P969t 2006 Provstgaard, Shane.
Untangling the double helix : DNA entanglement and the action of the DNA topoisomerases / QU137 W246u 2009 Wang, James C.
Anandamide an endogenous cannabinoid / QU160 V8377 v.81 2009
Microbial evolution and co-adaptation : a tribute to the life and scientific legacies of Joshua Lederberg : workshop summary / QW51 M6264 2009
ImmunoFacts : vaccines and immunologic drugs, 2010 / QW539 G727i 2010 Grabenstein, John D.
Delmar’s manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests : organized by type of test / QY25 D186d 2010 Daniels, Rick, RN.
Mosby’s manual of diagnostic and laboratory tests / QY39 P128mm 2010 Pagana, Kathleen Deska, 1952-
DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg’s cancer : principles & practice of oncology review / QZ18.2 D496 2009
Handbook of cancer control and behavioral science : a resource for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers / QZ200 H236 2009
Oxford American handbook of oncology / QZ39 O98 2009
Practical small animal MRI / SF757.8 G283p 2009 Gavin, Patrick R.
Infectious disease management in animal shelters / SF781 I43 2009
Manual of clinical procedures in dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents / SF991 C953m 2009 Crow, Steven E.
Properties and applications of thermoelectric materials : the search for new materials for thermoelectric devices / TK2950 P965 2008
Planning and development of the continuous National Survey of Family Growth / W2 A N277 Ser. 1 no. 48 2009 Groves, Robert M.
Insiders’ guide to ACGME survey prep / W20 A552i 2006 Andolsek, Kathryn M.
Graduate medical education : issues and options / W20 W748g 2009 Wilson, Frank C., 1929-
Modelling parasite transmission and control / W20.5 A95 v. 673 2010
Integrins and ion channels : molecular complexes and signaling / W20.5 A95 v.674 2010
Understanding doctors’ performance / W21 U55 2006
Practical decision making in health care ethics : cases and concepts / W50 D491p 2010 Devettere, Raymond J.
Economics of health and health care / W74 F667e 2010 Folland, Sherman.
Best practice financial management : six key concepts for healthcare leaders / W84 AA1 K21b 2006 Kaufman, Kenneth P.
Inside the outbreaks : the elite medical detectives of the epidemic intelligence service / WA11 AA1 P397i 2010 Pendergrast, Mark.
Nanotechnology for chemical and biological defense / WA295 K86n 2009 Kosal, Margaret E.
Medical surge capacity : workshop summary / WA295 M4897 2010
Private-public sector collaboration to enhance community disaster resilience : a workshop report / WA295 P961 2010
Adolescent pregnancy : policy and prevention services / WA330 F219a 2009 Farber, Naomi.
Returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan : preliminary assessment of readjustment needs of veterans, service members, and their families / WA360 R439 2010
Still broken : understanding the U.S. health care system / WA50 AA1 D253s 2010 Davidson, Stephen M.
Running group visits in your practice / WB100 N773r 2009 Noffsinger, Edward B. (Edward Brallier), 1943-
Rehabilitation and health assessment : applying ICF guidelines / WB320 R3453 2010
Management and supervisory principles for physical therapists / WB460 N897m 2010
Control of communicable diseases manual. WC100 C764 2008
Infectious disease movement in a borderless world : workshop summary / WC100 I436 2010
Sherris medical microbiology / WC100 S551 2010
Handbook of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base imbalances / WD200.1 H236 2010
Structure and function of the musculoskeletal system / WE102 W355s 2010 Watkins, James, 1946-
Gait analysis : normal and pathological function / WE103 P463g 2010 Perry, Jacquelin.
Motor control and learning : a behavioral emphasis / WE103 S353m 2005 Schmidt, Richard A., 1941-
Clinical prediction rules : a physical therapy reference manual / WE39 G568c 2011 Glynn, Paul E.
Pediatric robotic urology / WJ168 P371 2009
Diagnostic pathology and molecular genetics of the thyroid / WK270 D536 2009
Diabetes in women / WK810 D5368 2009
Diabetes and the brain / WK835 D5362 2009
Neuroergonomics : the brain at work / WL103.5 N4942 2008
Language disorders in children : real families, real issues, and real interventions / WL340.2 T561L 2008 Tiegerman-Farber, Ellenmorris.
Eight stories up : an adolescent chooses hope over suicide / WM165 L686e 2008 Lezine, DeQuincy A., 1977-
Guide to the standard EMDR protocols for clinicians, supervisors, and consultants / WM170 L484g 2009 Leeds, Andrew M.
Seasonal affective disorder : practice and research / WM171 S4392 2010
Current perspectives on the anxiety disorders : implications for DSM-V and beyond / WM172 C976 2009
Seeing is believing : video self-modeling for people with autism and other developmental disabilities / WM203.5 B931s 2009 Buggey, Tom.
Clinical assessment and diagnosis in social work practice / WM30.5 C793c 2010 Corcoran, Jacqueline.
Clinical manual for treatment of alcoholism and addictions / WM34 M153c 2010 Mack, Avram H.
Cognitive and behavioral theories in clinical practice / WM425.5 C6 C6761 2010
Essential skills in family therapy : from the first interview to termination / WM430.5 F2 E78 2009
Attachment theory and research in clinical work with adults / WM460.5 O2 A883 2009
Review of radiologic physics / WN18.2 H883r 2010 Huda, Walter.
Breast cancer in the post-genomic era / WP870 B8287 2010
Pediatric practice. WS340 P3715 2010
Unconditional care : relationship-based, behavioral intervention with vulnerable children and families / WS350.6 S769u 2010 Sprinson, John Scott, 1950-
Grand challenges of our aging society : workshop summary / WT100 G751 2010
Life-span extension : single-cell organisms to man / WT116 L722 2009
American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of Alzheimer disease and other dementias / WT155 A512 2009
Pediatric otolaryngology for the clinician / WV140 P371 2009
Aging auditory system / WV270 A267 2010
Primary care-market share connection : how hospitals achieve competitive advantage / WX157 H187p 2007 Halley, Marc D., 1955-
Academic health center : leadership and performance / WX27 AA1 A1684 2005
Joint Commission survey coordinator’s handbook / WX40 P379j 2008 Pejakovich, Patricia.
Umiker’s management skills for the new health care supervisor / WX55 M129u 2010 McConnell, Charles R.
Standards for home medical equipment, clinical respiratory and rehabilitation technology services. WY15 J74s 2008 Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
Aesculapius comes to the colonies; the story of the early days of medicine in the thirteen original colonies. WZ70 AA1 G664a 1949 Gordon, Maurice Bear, 1916-
Document delivery and interlibrary loan on a shoestring / Z713.5 U6 K74d 2010 Knox, Emily, 1976-

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