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Time to Renew UpToDate?

Your mobile UpToDate access will expire on your device every 90 days. In order to maintain remote access to UpToDate, simply:

Log in to http://lproxy.nymc.edu/login?url=http://www.uptodate.com/online/content/search.do?unid=^u&srcsys=EZPX405711&eiv=2.1.0 every 90 days. Enter your username and password. Include the @nymc.edu when entering your username. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your renewal.

If you’re having any technical issues or have . . . → Read More: Time to Renew UpToDate?

Henry Stewart Talks: New for December!

This month’s additions to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection include a talk on pulmonary drug delivery by Prof. Anthony J. Hickey of the Research Triangle Institute and the University of North Carolina, a talk on adaptation in likelihood trials by Prof. Jeffrey Blume from Brown University, and our latest addition to the Immunotherapy of Cancer series: a talk dedicated . . . → Read More: Henry Stewart Talks: New for December!

New Books: December 2017

Highlighted titles from the newest additions to the HSL Collection. You can find the print on the shelf, to the right, when entering the library. A full list of new titles can be found here or check the New Books shelf, for all new print items, by the lounge area.

ABC of domestic and sexual violence, edited by . . . → Read More: New Books: December 2017

GSBMS Thesis Prep: Class 3: Critical Appraisal, Writing & Citing

This series is intended for those Basic Medical Sciences students who expect to complete a Literature Review or M.S. Thesis in 2018. The series is sponsored by the GSBMS in partnership with the Health Sciences Library faculty.

Registration is required for each class. Register for Class 3.

Class 3: Critical Appraisal, Writing & Citing Monday, December 4, 2017   2:30-4 . . . → Read More: GSBMS Thesis Prep: Class 3: Critical Appraisal, Writing & Citing

Make a Gift to the Library: Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday

Please consider a gift to the Health Sciences Library this season. #GivingTuesday is 11/28/17.

To make a donation to the library, go to https://6633.thankyou4caring.org/ and select “Health Sciences Library” from the drop down menu.

The Library has an ongoing vision for improved facilities, technical capabilities, and resource access — all of which benefit the entire NYMC . . . → Read More: Make a Gift to the Library: Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday

Social Media for Research Dissemination

Edited by Lara Killian, AHIP

Social media has been around for quite a while but has an iffy reputation, especially in the academic community. Social media may seem to be full of trolls and celebrity gossip, but it is also useful in communicating knowledge and as a siren for emergency response. If done right, . . . → Read More: Social Media for Research Dissemination