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Time to Renew UpToDate?

Your mobile UpToDate access will expire on your device every 90 days. In order to maintain remote access to UpToDate, simply:

Log in to https://lproxy.nymc.edu/login?url=https://www.uptodate.com/contents/search?unid=^u&srcsys=EZPX405711 every 90 days. Enter your username and password. Include the @nymc.edu when entering your username. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your renewal.

If you’re having any technical issues or . . . → Read More: Time to Renew UpToDate?

An Updated Version of PubMed Coming Soon

As biomedical literature increases at a significant rate in PubMed, the National Center for Biotechnology Information has continuously experimented and investigated ways to improve the overall search quality and user experience. An updated version of PubMed, expected to be released in September, 2019, is now available on the experimental PubMed Labs platform.

Improvements include:

Responsive . . . → Read More: An Updated Version of PubMed Coming Soon

2019 Horizon Report Released

students wearing virtual reality glasses

The 2019 Higher Education Edition of the Horizon Report was released April 23, 2019. This report profiles key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in educational technology as ranked by an expert panel from across the higher education landscape.


Short-Term—Driving technology adoption in higher education for the next one to two years

Redesigning . . . → Read More: 2019 Horizon Report Released

New Books: May 2019

Select newly added HSL titles. A full list of new titles can be found online.

Biotech juggernaut: hope, hype, and hidden agendas of entrepreneurial bioscience, by Tina Stevens and Stuart Newman [NYMC Author].

“Biotech Juggernaut: Hope, Hype, and Hidden Agendas of Entrepreneurial BioScience relates the intensifying effort of bioentrepreneurs to apply genetic engineering technologies . . . → Read More: New Books: May 2019

NEW New York Times Online Access

The HS Library has acquired campus-wide access to the NYTimes Online. All faculty, staff, and students will have unlimited access to articles from 1986 to the present and pre-1923.

Please follow these instructions (you will only have to do this once):

Step 1: Navigate to accessnyt.com (while connected to a campus IP) Step 2: . . . → Read More: NEW New York Times Online Access

Some Disruption in the Library

Please be aware that contractors will be in the Main (BSB) library this week removing a good number of old bound periodicals, first from compact shelving downstairs and then from the upper rear skylit area. They will be conscientious of noise but some disruption in the areas in which they are working is inevitable. Until . . . → Read More: Some Disruption in the Library