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Time to Renew UpToDate?

Your mobile UpToDate access will expire on your device every 90 days. In order to maintain remote access to UpToDate, simply:

Log in to http://lproxy.nymc.edu/login?url=http://www.uptodate.com/online/content/search.do?unid=^u&srcsys=EZPX405711&eiv=2.1.0 every 90 days. Enter your username and password. Include the @nymc.edu when entering your username. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your renewal.

If you’re having any technical issues or have . . . → Read More: Time to Renew UpToDate?

Lessons from the Storm

Our region struggled to stabilize during the last two nor’easters, which passed through within a week of each other. Power lines were hit hard, communication was compromised, and some roads were impassable. Sadly, even six months after Maria slammed into the island, Puerto Rico is still fighting to stay alive. Storms seem to pack . . . → Read More: Lessons from the Storm

Tell Us How We’re Doing


One of the core tenets of librarianship is service: service in pursuing knowledge and learning, service in aiding our local communities, and service in fulfilling the varied needs of our users.  In order to provide support for your scholarly pursuits, we need you to tell us how we are doing.

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Henry Stewart Talks: New for March!

This month’s additions to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection include a talk on Mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species by Prof. Martin Brand of Buck Institute and a talk on Mitophagy by Dr. Anna Vainshtein from Craft Science Inc.

Also included in this month’s releases are talks on viruses as anticancer weapons, gut microbiota, non-coding RNA’s in . . . → Read More: Henry Stewart Talks: New for March!

Most Popular Works in Touro Scholar: February 2018

Total no. of downloads in Touro Scholar, the College’s institutional repository

The most popular works were:

The Chironian Summer/Fall 2015 by the Office of Public Relations, New York Medical College

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders: Maintaining Quality of Life in Persons with Intellectual Disability by Luis Riquelme, Rebecca Benjamin, Hannah Tahan, Gracelynn Sandoval, Naga Alomari and Alexander . . . → Read More: Most Popular Works in Touro Scholar: February 2018

New Books: March

Highlighted titles from the newest additions to the HSL Collection: You can find the print on the shelf, to the right, when entering the library. A full list of new titles can be found here or check the New Books shelf, for all new print items, by the lounge area.

Living in the shadow of Blackness as . . . → Read More: New Books: March